Please read the information below about our back to school procedures.


Gulfside Elementary has a new bell schedule for our day together. This is due to the change in start date. While our day begins at the same time of 9:30am, our Dismissal time is now 4:08pm. There can be no students, even if a walker, bike rider, or back gate walker on school campus prior to 9:20am. Please reach out to YMCA if you need before or after school care.

Also note that:

  • There will be NO Early Release Days during 1st semester.
  • There will be NO Enrichment or Tutoring Activities before or after school during 1st Quarter.
  • There will be no school activities held with 50 or more students during 1st Quarter.
  • Many family and community events will take place virtually or with limited attendance.


Breakfast will be “Grab and Go” from our breakfast carts and eaten in the Classroom.

  • Buses will begin arriving at 9:25am and start unloading.
  • Entrance doors will be assigned according to your child’s assigned classroom. Signs will be posted and adults will be available each morning to direct your child to either the side doors in the front of school, or to the back door entrances of the school building.
  • Before students enter the side or back entrance doors, they may pick up a Grab and Go breakfast at the serving carts located near both of these entrances.
  • Students will go directly to their classroom using the appropriate hallway and eat breakfast in the classrooms starting at 9:25am. The late bell rings at 9:40am.


Students may take off their mask while eating, but then put it right back on when finished and will need to stay seated. There will be no share bins or sharing of food and drink items. And we ask everyone to be considerate of others and clean up after eating.

This year, for student safety, if a student needs to visit the clinic for scheduled medication/ treatments, or for an injury at school, an adult will meet them at their classroom and bring them to the front office clinic, then back to class. If a student is exhibiting symptoms of illness, an adult will walk them to the clinic health center portable and contact the parent right away.  

Click here to see the Pasco Parent COVID Response Guide


Parents and visitors are not allowed to each lunch with students during the first semester of school.

Cleaning: Our cafeteria and eating locations are sanitized each day and tables are cleaned with germicide between each lunch period. We’ve installed hand sanitizer dispensers across campus – in the cafeteria as well. We encourage hand-washing and custodians will check soap dispensers throughout the day.

Must be Seated: All students will be required to be seated if eating. No one is permitted to be standing up or walking when eating their food or snacks (at lunch or anytime during the school day).

Masks and Movement: When you are moving, walking, or standing anywhere during lunch, you must have your mask on. This is true throughout your day, too.

Cafeteria and Designated Eating Areas: Students in grades K-3 will eat in the cafeteria and are required to be seated apart (seating is marked). No one will sit across from them on the other side of the same table. Students in grades 4-5 will eat in the Media Center, Art Room, and in an Empty Classroom with no more than 2 students per table, maximum to maintain distance.

*mySchool Online Students registered at GSES can receive breakfast and lunch daily from GSES, in the bus loop from 8:30 to 9am. Payment will be based on the status of Free/Reduced Lunch, and please use the online MySchoolBucks program to pay if possible.

Media Center

Media Center Procedures:

~Classes will sign up for media time, 1 class at a time

~Students will sit at media tables, no more than 2 per table to maintain social distancing, and a limited number of students will be up searching for books to check out.

~Media books will be returned to the media return cart, and stored for 72 hours and wiped down before re-shelving.


We have a plan for our end of day dismissal that allows for students to stay in their seats with their classroom teacher until called to dismissal areas. We have purchased the PikMyKid dismissal program and more instructions will be sent home in the next few weeks for necessary parent registration. Please let your child’s teacher know how your child will go home the first day and if different, for the rest of the year. We just ask for your patience as our students are dismissed in this safe and structured way.

Dismissal Choices: Car Loop, Bus, YMCA, Bike Rider or Walker (either back gate or West gate). Please note: cars are not allowed to park at back gate along the streets to pick up students, please use car loop for car pick up. Please have your car tag ready to show in the car loop, or you will be asked to park while we verify ID. Car tags will be given out during Meet The Teacher Day, and also sent home with students on the first day. Only adults with names listed on your child’s emergency card will be allowed to receive or check out your child from school upon showing a valid ID.

For the safety of your child, please call the school before 3:30pm for any emergency dismissal changes.

During Arrival and Dismissal, Adults stationed in each hallway will monitor, direct, and assist students to get safely to their dismissal areas.

Remember: Masks on when moving!

Specials and recess

For the safety of students, Art and Music classes will be held in the homeroom classrooms. Students will not share art and music supplies. PE and Recess will be held outside, weather permitting, and the sharing of equipment will be restricted as much as possible with equipment that will be cleaned between classes. When outside, as long as students can social distance from each other, they may take their mask off for PE and for Recess. Before entering the building, masks must be put back on.


Our student and parent portals are open for you to go in, review and acknowledge some information from Pasco County Schools, pay school fees, download schedules, check bus information, and be ready to start the new school year off right!

And of greatest importance is the electronic version of the school Emergency Card. – click here for detailed instructions 

Get started by downloading the documents that follow:

Do you have a myLearning / Canvas account to see your student’s courses online? If not, click here to set one up!

Steps to create parent portal

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